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    Auriol frappe à froid
    since 1915
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    and special screws.
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
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    Cold formed fasteners
    for industry.
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Axles, rivets and special screws

We manufacture a wide range of metal parts for industry and automotive business. Specialized in axles, rivets, screws and special parts according to your drawings, we consider all your requests. Our know-how allows us to make both simple and technical parts.

Our design office is able to give technical advices, after specifications analysis and part destination knowledge, in order to optimize efficiency and reduce the costs.

Materials : Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Monel, Inconel, Titanium.
Treatments : all surface and heat treatments can be done.

Tactile studs

Accessible esthetic

Tactile studs Tactile studs Tactile studs

Tactile studs are used to warn blind and partially sighted people to potential danger. This tactile device is fastened on the floor with chemical sealing and designed for outdoor (pedestrian walkways, train platforms, upstairs, etc...) as for indoor (stairs).

Manufacturing these studs since 1999, AFF launched its own brand «le clou podotactile» in 2012.

Learn more by visiting our dedicated website :

Logo Clou Podotactile


Low-cost asset

Tanger Factory Tanger Map

Located in a low-cost country (Tanger free zone - Morocco), our company MAM is specialized in manual operation services like mounting, assembly, packing, glueing, riveting, etc...

15 kms away from Europe and 5 minutes from the Tanger airport, transit of goods in the free zone requires few custom formality or bank guarantee. Transports from France are fast and regulars (48 hours door to door).

Tell us about your specifications and we will find together the best solution for you.