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    and special screws.
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
    high speed forging part
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    Cold formed fasteners
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High speed forging on horizontal press

Heiress from ancient forge, cold forging is a modern high speed forging process. From a wire coil, we create parts by metal deformation. The wire is struck between punches and dies, on several successive stations in order to obtain desired shapes and sizes.

Cold forging parts are present in a huge type of products all around you : Vehicles, furnitures, Cosmetics, buildings, etc..

Many benefits explain the succes of cold forging with design offices like high speed production rate or raw material optimal use.

Design office

Industrial expertise

Associating our skills and analyzing the performance of your parts, this is the mission of our technical staff.

Material resistance, mechanical property, dimension, shape and function are parameters studied and intersected to optimize your part.
The technical staff is also analyzing the feasibility in transfering turned parts into cold forming parts.

Equipped with powerful softwares and various technological tools, our design office supports you and gives you advices to get the best cost saving solution.

Design office Design office


True knowhow

Tooling Tooling Tooling

Crucial stage in the development of a cold formed part, tooling making requires a perfect knowledge of cold forming rules.

Each part requires a specific tooling. Once the forging sequence determined, tooling making begins. Then, tooling is set in the machine, carefully adjusted and finally ready for production.

We have our own tooling workshop allowing us to gain technical expertise and reactivity. The necessary dialogue between toolmakers and machine operators is direct and permanent. Thus, problems solving becomes faster and know-how accumulates


Investment to improve performance

Continued investments enable us to acquire cold forming machinery at the forefront of technology. Our quick set-up machines are equipped with digital controls systems and process automatic controls. we can produce up to 340 parts / minute at best depending machine.

From 2 to 6 dies, we own a wide range of machinery offering us many possibilities : wire diameter from 4mm up to 20mm and Shank length up to 90mm.

We also have machinery for wire drawing, threading, control, washing and optical sorting operations.

Machinery Machinery Machinery Machinery Machinery Machinery